All Medensans And Friends

By: Tanner M, George, Sr.

We, Mendensans, welcome all descendants of enslaved African  persons to the warm bosom of Medensan ethnicity. With urgency, we declare that we have established our identity and are congealing into an ethnic people. It is equally important to us, our ancestors and our progeny that we have formed a  great symbolic nation, the name of which is Medensa. 

We further proclaim that Medensa confers nationality, a name and a culture on each person that died on African soil while trying to escape captivity; and on those terrified individuals who went to the bottom of the sea. We lovingly declare that Medensa connects us in kinship with those wonderful persons.

We acknowledge and state for the unequivocal understanding of all peoples that Medensa bestows Medensan ethnicity on our ancestors whose foot prints trailed from the Atlantic ocean onto the beaches of the Americas as slaves; and on our grandmothers and grandfathers, who endured the eternal nightmare of legal segregation; and on present day Medensans (us), the Africans’ living descendants.

We, the present Medensans, warmly enfold each of these persons to our breasts as  ethnic sisters and  brothers.  We invite each of them to partake of and enjoy the treasures that flow from ethnicity.  We say that no Medensan, past,  present or future, will walk alone from this day forward.

Our gratitude to the myriad of individuals who have labored lifetimes to improve our status among peoples is reflected in our expression of gratitude to The Reverend Jesse Jackson.  From the time that most of us first saw him standing on a balcony in Memphis, we know that he has been a tireless fighter for our rights. We especially thank him for referring to us as African-Americans.  This reference moved our identity away from racial tags; and brought us one step closer to establishing our ethnicity.

We, all Medensans, join together to tell you, our non-Medensan friends that we are mindful of the support you have given to us in every way. We highly value your friendship; and thank you for your steadfast commitment to our relationships. We stand ready to reciprocate at any time and in every ethical and legal way.

Our dear friends, we joyfully invite you to join with us in celebrating our newly created ethnicity.  Love is a timeless feeling that says “I care about you.”


Tanner M. George,  Sr.

Author: Medensan Creation Charter

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